Secrets of Google's innovations: anyone can ask questions directly to the leadership

For Google, in March this year was an eventful month, Google this month hit a record high of US $ 260 billion in the market value. Since its IPO in 2004 (initial public offering), the company's shares have surged by 900%. Outside analysts believe, the world's largest Internet companies, the secret of success lies in its ongoing quest for innovation, and not bound to the rules of good management oakley sunglasses
Recently, Google's Senior Vice President of personnel lasizeluo-Bak local time Thursday in the United States at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) to participate in "the Economist Innovation Forum" (The Economist's Innovation Forum) was disclosed at the innovation secrets of eyeglasses
Bauck said, Google has always been by encouraging employee innovation and allow them to give full play to their company innovation and imagination in order to create a good atmosphere. In fact, although Google's employees have more than 30,000 (this does not include the acquisition of Motorola mobility brought by 20,000 employees), but Google employees relative to other large companies are still relatively small, ExxonMobil and employees of Apple and 76,900 has been reached. Therefore, Google has always wanted to create a way to allow employees to get together, stimulate innovative company culture through a variety of surprising ways. Bauck said: "we've been creating as much as possible avenues for expressing their ideas and hoping to make the company aware of the different people with different ideas, ideas. ? In this regard, Bauck during this session, "the Economist Innovation Forum" here that Google 9 secret ways of stimulating innovation, including:oakley outlet
1. a named "Google Cafes" activities designed to encourage interaction between employees in teams within and across sectors, and expand communication in the process of work and leisure. 2. anyone can send e-mail messages directly to the company any of the leaders. 3. Google Moderator is an innovative management tool designed by Google engineers, the design idea behind this tool is very simple, that is, whenever the company whole, to engage in technical discussions or meetings, anyone can ask questions and vote by other people they want to answer questions. Through this tool, Google employees a better understanding of existing ideas, questions, suggestions, voting, and is able to vote. Based on this result, the company can also according to topic, event or Conference to find new ideas. In fact, Google Moderator project itself is Google's famous "20% project" part of this project allow 20% working hours per week for any items that they are interested in, Google hopes that through this method to discover the potential of more employees.glassespop

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