Sandberg: Facebook some time Home on track

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Sheryl Sandberg said Tuesday at D11 cheap oakleys
Conference hosted by tech blog AllThingsD, Facebook Home still needs some time to be on the right track. Sandburg acknowledged the company's new Android home screens in the General Assembly's recent missteps, but she said the company's mobile growth momentum and the people-centred mobile experience the ambitious vision was encouraged by her. She said oakley sunglasses cheap
in the interview, users on Facebook is dissatisfied with the structure of the Home. But, she adds, often using its users spend more time on Facebook, 25%, the amount of information sent by 10%. She said that "first version of Facebook Home is a significant change. We believe it will have a long way to go. Companies will continue to provide updates for Facebook Home each month. ? Sandburg also on stage to justify the company's efforts to move, referred to the growth of mobile advertising sales. She said cheap oakley sunglasses
that current mobile advertising revenue in the company's total revenue, the proportion has reached near-one-third, and the proportion is close to zero in the same period last year. Sandburg said, technology giants such as Apple, Google and Facebook competition is not between "zero-sum game," because developers are willing to cross-platform development. She pointed out that, regarding loss of young Facebook users to limit new mobile applications such as photo sharing service Snapchat's concerns were actually overstated, young people have too much time now using other social networking applications, but they also remain cheap oakley sunglasses
high in spending time on Facebook.

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